For a wedding photographer, there are some things that are always the same with every wedding… There are some shots that you need to get, but there are also a whole lot of joy and happiness that cannot be missed. Early on in our career we decided that the latter[…]

Meeting people like Jade and Brett makes what we do not only creatively fulfilling, but exciting… I will never forget the first meeting we had with these two. They invited us over for coffee at their place and from the moment we walked into the door we felt like comfortable,[…]

Grant and Nicole – two strong and go-getter people who LOVE a good party and know how to kick off their shoes and have a great time with their best people… They got married in the beautiful hills of Heidelberg at the incredible Stone Cellar. Documenting their first day as[…]

My brother is getting married on Friday… He’s our youngest sibling and as the only brother in a family with three sisters, we don’t doubt that there will be many hugs and lots of tears. As someone who’s been continuously loved and cared for by her boet, I love that[…]

Grethe and André will stand back for nothing…. It started raining shortly before their outside ceremony, but not only were they adamant that they would be getting married in the lush forest, but Sue from Toadbury Hall is an absolute legend, and she made sure they got just that! Grethe[…]

It’s been a while since we posted a wedding and with the height of the wedding season as well as the Photo&Film Expo where we debuted our underwater studio, our blog has been suffering a bit… We are however, very happy to kick it off with Garreth and Juliet’s wedding[…]

Aashiq and Manisha’s wedding was a visual delight! As our first Hindu wedding, we were intrigued by all the intricate details and rituals of the day, even though the two of them did not opt for the fully traditional wedding. We met Aashiq and his lovely sister at a small[…]

Driving up to Piet Retief for Melissa and Francois’ wedding had us excited on another level… We weren’t sure what to expect from the venue, but having met this family before, couldn’t wait to see them again! It has always been important for Melissa to have her boys grow up[…]

Our skin is our evidence of life…. Let us never hide our smile lines Sometimes we walk with people who talk to us in a different way. They speak in the way they move together and they never have to say much in any other way. David and Lizel got[…]

As someone who lives in the quiet Free State, driving through the winelands and over the Cape mountains are a treat all in its own. Shooting a wedding in the gorgeous Paarl, with its historical buildings, small streets and unique character, is an exciting bonus! Gideon and Lise got married[…]