The only thing missing from Marno and Claudette’s fun wedding at The Nutcracker, was real live rabbits hopping around everywhere… As for the rest, only goodness! Congratulations to Marries and Sproet, you guys rock! Keep an eye out for more images soon :) xxx

We often get the opportunity to shoot at the impressive Nutcracker Country Retreat outside Parys, but this time was extra special. Samantha is the lovely lady on the other side of the line when chatting with or emailing the Nutcracker and this day she said her own vows to her[…]

Ross and Melissa were blessed with a wonderfully warm spring day for their wedding at the Nutcracker wedding venue. We are very excited to share more of their story with you, but for now here’s a look at some of the goodness that filled their beautiful day!     Venue:[…]

The clouds were dark as we drove up to the very lovely and quaint Nutcracker Venue outside Parys. Jaco + Tammy planned to spend some time with their guests playing games and enjoying a wonderful picnic on the winter lawn after the ceremony and we were holding thumbs that they[…]

It was an absolute treat to photograph Mia and Marius’ wedding at the Nutcracker Country Retreat in Parys. Both these stunning people work at popular Johannesburg radio stations and they simply love spending their time discussing current events, sipping wine and relaxing at interesting coffee shops. Besides the lovely venue[…]

On Saturday the Nutcracker’s sweetheart, Samantha, got married to her Pieta! Here is a sneak peek for now, more to follow later xx    Venue: The Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys  

We simply love a beautiful winter wedding! Keep an eye out for more from Jaco and Tammy’s romantic Nutcracker wedding…. Venue: The Nutcracker Country Estate, Parys

Such a relaxed and beautiful day xx  Thanks for a great wedding this weekend Mia and Marius – here’s a quick preview of what’s coming! Venue: The Nutcracker, Parys

The clouds were rolling in as we made our way to the Nutcracker Estate venue outside Parys. Not too much, just enough to let us know we would see some rain during the day. When we arrived at the venue the river was a lot higher than normal and it[…]

We first met Henk and Cezanne at Reefsteamers in Johannesburg for their engagement shoot many months ago. Still an all-time favourite, the mood and light fit their personalities perfectly. Have a look at their shoot HERE. On the morning of their wedding at the popular Nutcracker Country Estate, there was[…]