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Family Farm Wedding in Cornelia | Conrad + Jana

How do we even begin describing this beautiful homemade family farm wedding and this beautiful pair… We have a free and open invitation to visit the family farm any day by one of the most amazing families we’ve ever met, an invitation that we will most certainly take up. We were welcomed with delicious homemade sandwiches and lemonade as we unpacked our camera bags and took in the painterly landscape, thought-out decorations and the picture perfect little chapel on the De Kock farm in Cornelia. The chapel was built by Conrad’s father in honour of his mom, Magdie, a loving and warm woman with a heart after God. He wanted to give her a place of quiet contemplation during their breaks on the farm and with the help of a good friend, designed and built this small little place of prayer.

Conrad and Jana, a remarkable and beautifully intense pair, chose the best way to celebrate their wedding day. As the thunder clouds rolled over on our way to the venue we drove in anticipation. Vast landscapes, mood and personal touches welcomed us at the farm gate. The wedding was personal and touching, but what stood our was the way Jana and Conrad looked at each other. Not nervously or anxious or even with butterfly-love, but with honesty, friendship and personal admiration; a quiet embrace of understanding and passion. Sigh.

A wedding to remember.

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Venue: Smaldeel (De Kock family farm), Cornelia, Free State
Wedding Planner: Tania Snyman (bride’s mom), but also Magdie de Kock (groom’s mom) and Taryn van Jaarsveld (maid of honour)
Catering: A team effort by the moms, aunts and friends
Flowers: Sandra Smith (bride’s aunt), with help from the bridesmaids
Stationery: Klara Snyman (bride’s sister): crest and main invite, Natani van Dyk (bridesmaid): programs and menus
Bride’s dress: Lunar
Bridal accessories – Earrings: bride’s sister’s, Shoes: Lunar
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Poetry
Groom’s outfit: Trenery
Hair and Make up: Salon Carine & Annique Heidelberg
Décor: Tania (bride’s mom), with help from the families and wedding party
Music: DJ: Martiens van Wyk and Theunis Botha, Live music: Tim Burnz
Cake: Groom’s mom (Magdie)


  1. Tabitha - April 1, 2015 4:47 pm

    So, so good. Your work is just SO inspirational!!

    • Ginger Ale - April 1, 2015 5:16 pm

      Wow, thank you tabitha! As are you guys xxx


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