Much has changed for us in 2012. I started doing photography while I studied visual art and although I enjoy every minute of it, I thought this year would see me return to doing oil painting and illustration, something I’ve done my entire life. God clearly had other plans for me and Sean and He took us on a steady journey of beauty, passion and hope. We’ve met the most amazing people and made so many new friends, we really feel blessed in every way.
Our business is still young, but we have learned so much and can’t wait to see where this is going to take us in the future. So, for our last wedding post this year, I want to thank all of our amazing clients for helping us grow and for allowing us to make even a small difference!
Here are some favourite images and moments from this year’s wedding and engagement shoots. We hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Engagements and couples:


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