I grew up sailing, I love the water and while this may not be a regular pass time for us anymore, we love nothing more than to introduce new people to the peacefulness of an afternoon on the water, wind or no wind… Lin and Danie wanted something real for[…]

Louis and Claire met up with us on the beautiful Andes Guest Farm just outside Clarens. We thoroughly enjoyed time our time with these two nature lovers and grateful that they allowed us to crawl through the bushes around them as well as send them up a big hill for[…]

We arrived in Mauritius on a warm afternoon. It was our first time on the tropical island and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the people, the small streets and the colourful towns. We spent three magnificent days with Nelda and Welsey, two loving and[…]

Dieter + Zani are inviting, comfortable and a loving people and simply wanted a very real approach to their engagement shoot – something we were very excited about! We loved every minute we spent with them and often laughed at the stuff they came up with . They are tying[…]

We met up with Pieter and Alerna at The Maboneng District in Johannesburg CBD and enjoyed a walk through the vibey and energetic arts and coffee infused street. A great afternoon with great people!      Location: Maboneng District, Johannesburg CBD

We love the water and the Vaaldam is simply home to us! What a pleasure it was to spend the afternoon with Franco Mostert; talented Lions lock and his beautiful fiancé Juan-Ri Grobler. We explored this incredibly peaceful place with two of the most loving and warm people… That evening[…]

We met up with Jac and Juanita at Father Coffee in Braamfontein one Friday afternoon just as the rain clouds started coming in. Of course what followed was one of the most exciting city couple shoots we’ve ever done with two of the most gorgeous and enthusiastic people we’ve ever[…]

A proper powder paint couple shoot has been on Ines and Fergus’ bucket list for a long time and what better time to fight it out than for their engagement shoot! We had a crazy amount of fun with them and are looking forward to their wedding in two weeks’[…]

We love un-planned, yet planned, shoots like this :) We know a beautiful couple who allowed us to use their family farm for Nadine and Renardo’s couple session – a day that turned out rainy and gently romantic – like something straight out of The Notebook. Engagement shoots like this[…]

I can just be myself around you… And all I need is your arms around me. Werner + Michelle are two spirited yet gentle people whose hearts beat as one. Their down-to-earth natures and their huge hearts for those around them are simple inspiring. Here are a few images from[…]