We were picked up in a 4×4 a few kilometers from where the shoot was going to be. The sandy road took us down to the most beautiful secluded little beach outside Melkbos. The fire was already going and Zach + Adinie met us with the biggest smiles and the[…]

We’ll take rain over wind any day, but as soon as we’re behind our cameras nothing can compare to a breeze… or a blizzard :) The ocean was misty and gusts of wind picked up sand and water on the day we did Liam and Caitlin’s couple shoot in Noordhoek,[…]

These two incredible people really made us the happiest photographers and spending this short time with them was pretty awesome. It was a very hot day at the yacht club in Deneysville and after escaping the sun for a moment, the wind came up as if on queue and turned[…]

We love couple shoots, we love big green chunks of nature, we love skate-boarders and bicycle tricks and we absolutely love Sara and Tyrone! Their engagement shoot was free of any “perfect shot” plans and we got to just go with it – just the way we like it… We[…]

We met up with Ilze and Louis in a small forest in the city and after strolling through the woods, it was clear how in love and engaged they are with each other. We spent some time chatting to them after the shoot and while we are very sorry for[…]

It was a particularly cold morning when we met up with Wesley and Chene at our local wild reserve, the Eco Park outside Sasolburg. The mist was still thick over the water and as we headed down to one of the lower pools, we noticed a large group of photographers[…]

Claudette and Marno were a bit shy at first when we met up with them at the wonderful Plum Tree in Parys. Marno’s hair was pulled back in a bandana and Claudette had the most beautiful hair clip that she slowly let slip from down her long hair during the[…]

On the way to the farm where we were going to shoot Liezl and Werner’s engagement session, we got a call from Liezl to tell us to look out for them on the side of the road where they accidentally got stuck in the mud. A few laughs and a[…]

Big lush trees, great great danes and sweet wine! We spent a laid back afternoon with Steve and Teri in Parkhurst a little while ago. With awesome dogs everywhere and just a generally relaxed late afternoon feel we walked up and down the shaded streets and ended with a glass[…]

We arrived at Arts on Main on a late Sunday afternoon, excited for our shoot with Mia and Marius and was reminded of what an incredible and rich area it is. The vibe was lively and people enjoyed their Sunday hanging out with friends. The atmosphere was electric. Mia and[…]