The Steampunk Rendezvous, hosted by Jeanine Richards of Ninirichi Style Studio, was a fantastic event and amazing photographic opportunity which catapulted us to a fantastical Steampunk world full of completely believable costumes and eerily realistic decor.  It was a great joy to share this event with Jeanine, her guests and[…]

“Fourteen months prior to the set event date, we embraced the challenge and started the creative process to create an eventing experience that would transport our guests into a reimagined fantastical Victorian era through the art of event styling. We painstakingly crafted this truly bespoke event – conceptualising, sourcing and[…]

When Liesel and Marc speak of each other, they speak with pride and complete adoration. On this night they cried and kissed and held each other, stronger and longer than before, and they soaked in everything around them. They spoiled their guests with great food, warmth, colour and dance and[…]

For as long as I’ve known Paulo, he’s been completely in love with Simone and with their combined energy and creativity, their small and intimate wedding was nothing short of perfect! We spent a few very happy hours with them on their best day, ran around old Bruma Lake and[…]

Mark and Nicole is the kind of couple that you can have hours of conversation with and it’s never about nothing. They are true to themselves and their creativity is tangible. They love their dog, they love their home and they love spending time together. They got married at Katy’s[…]

When you’ve been together for as long as Kelly and Sergio has it is easy to understand the value of friendship in a relationship. They got married at Toadbury Hall in Muldersdrift, a venue with so much charm and personality. It was a gorgeous day, one that played off so[…]

Our skin is our evidence of life…. Let us never hide our smile lines Sometimes we walk with people who talk to us in a different way. They speak in the way they move together and they never have to say much in any other way. David and Lizel got[…]

It was one of those days. A day where there was a simple calm and a gentle silence. Werner and Leandri got ready together. She didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress. She looked incredible. It was an honest day where the two of them came together in the most beautiful[…]

Tamsyn and Peri’s wedding was particularly special to us in that it was our first time documenting a Jewish wedding! There was no shortage of excitement and nerves as we wiggled our way through the crowds of excited family and friends, searching for good angles and trying not to regret[…]

Nicole and Grant is getting married tomorrow! We went for a walk in Braamfontein one afternoon, we had coffee and then danced a little :)    Location: Doubleshot and the streets of Braamfontein, JHB

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