Dieter + Zani are inviting, comfortable and a loving people and simply wanted a very real approach to their engagement shoot – something we were very excited about! We loved every minute we spent with them and often laughed at the stuff they came up with . They are tying[…]

Cape Town, you beauty! Here is a glimpse of Bob and Ashleigh’s beautiful apple orchid wedding at Inn on Highlands near Elgin, can’t wait to share their full story!     Venue: Inn on Highlands, Cape Town

We’re not entirely sure how to begin describing Steve + Teri… Their warmth, their playful but elegant romance… we were swept off our feet. We visited The Venue a week or two before their wedding and simply could not wait to photograph them in this beautiful and vertigo-inducing space right[…]

We spent the best day with Sara + Tyrone at their wonderful wedding  in Parys this past weekend! These two beautiful souls got married at the lovely Nutcracker, a place very close to our hearts, and were blessed with a perfect gap in the rain for them to make their[…]

It is hard to describe the talents of these two incredible people, but while words may escape us, it is easy to see how their cups overflow with passion, dedication and love. One of the things that always stand out at a wedding are the speeches at the reception. Hearing[…]

So excited to share a couple of preview images from wordsmith Jaco and his gorgeous and talented bride, Christa’s awesome Rosemary Hill wedding! Two incredible people (: Thanks so much guys, keep an eye out for the full blog post! Tot die bitter einde…. Venue: Rosemary Hill. Pretoria