How do we not fall in love with these two…. Here’s just a few frames from Saturday’s wedding bash!   Venue: Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys

Good wine, good rugby, good company… All the pleasure these two enjoyed at their wedding this weekend! More coming soon….   Venue: The Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys

Darryl and Rebecca, two spirited people with Africa coursing through their veins, married this weekend…   Venue: The Nutcracker Country Retreat Flowers: Samantha, Wedding Flowers and Decor  

At some point before the ceremony Leesa said to me ” You’re probably going to start your blog with ‘It was an unusually rainy day…’”. Yes it was… One that brought everyone closer together and made for the most beautiful atmosphere and the most vivid colours. Here’s a sneak peek[…]

As fotograwe is dit so interessant om te sien en herken wanneer mense hulself algeheel gee aan iets wat belangrik is vir hulle… Die klein goedjies wat so gereeld misgekyk word staan uit en dit wat regtig saak maak kom na vore. Hierdie dag het ons twee gesinne ontmoet wat[…]

We arrived early at the Nutcracker Country Retreat outside Parys, a place that has inspired the most beautiful and warm weddings. It was mid autumn and the pecan nut trees had not yet shed their leaves. Fergus and Ines are two incredible people who somehow managed to fuse beauty and[…]

Renardo wrote a song for Nadine. After his speech he played the beautiful track as performed by JNDR and we will never forget the way they looked at each other right then. We will also never forget the way Nardo looked at his bride as she walked down the aisle[…]

Werner and Michelle are two kindred spirits. They share a great love for the outdoors, music and love hanging out under the African sun with their incredible friends. We thoroughly enjoyed this wedding, not only for the amount of mutual friends we share with the two of them, but for[…]

Devan + Trischa tied the knot at the incredible Nutcracher Retreat this weekend, a place where you can put your feet up and enjoy the finest in true country style. Congratulations guys, here is a small preview of your best day! Venue: Nutcracker Country Retreat

We enjoyed a party like few others at the Nutcracker with Ines + Fergus this weekend! Here’s a quick pick from their best day… xxx Venue: Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys | Make-up and hair: Tris Alves Make Up and Beauty | Fire Dancers: Their awesome friends Paul and Estelle