The tale of Corlette and Janus is, in so many ways, a true love story.  A story of hope and joy; where a mother and daughter, with an unbreakable bond, start a fresh and exciting journey with Janus, loving husband and father, who so clearly won the hearts of both[…]

The old school house at Montague Vale outside Parys looks small and alone, but this quaint little building caught the eyes of Gina and Tony, the two most loving and warm people, and became the perfect setting for their emotional and happy ceremony! With her shimmering green dress, fiery hair[…]

It was the height of summer, the goats were out, the leaves rustled softly and the water was warm… Jeni read a letter that made her cry. Her friends huddled around her as the hours went by and the boys were cooling off in the pool. The cigar deck was[…]

It started like any regular wedding day, we got ready, hit the road and arrived at the venue with beautiful decor set up and spotted clouds cooling the warm air. With a final rehearsal and hugs all round to ease the nerves, it was still hard not to stay objective,[…]

“Calm your beating heart, I’m on your side…” Suzanne and Jaco swept us away on a day that cannot be described as anything but lovely. It was a winter day in the heart of the Vredefort dome… The skies were clear and the mood was light. We spent a day[…]

For a wedding photographer, there are some things that are always the same with every wedding… There are some shots that you need to get, but there are also a whole lot of joy and happiness that cannot be missed. Early on in our career we decided that the latter[…]

It’s been a while since we posted a wedding and with the height of the wedding season as well as the Photo&Film Expo where we debuted our underwater studio, our blog has been suffering a bit… We are however, very happy to kick it off with Garreth and Juliet’s wedding[…]

We are all shaped by our experiences and the people who surround us. Everyone has a story. Lana and Jonathan always knew that their day was going to be an emotional one. It’s hard to not get emotionally involved ourselves, but knowing that we can offer an opportunity for people[…]

No two people are the same. We enjoy each other, not only for our similarities, but for our differences. Once in a while, we meet someone who makes the good better and who makes the mediocre spectacular… This is the wedding day story of Shane and Roxy as we could[…]

It’s February 2016 and while we’re behind in blogging, we have experienced such a changing time last year. We met so many wonderful people, like Louis and Claire, made new friends, shared glasses of wine and even impromptu dinners with new clients and felt inspired after far travels. We started[…]

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