Devan + Trischa tied the knot at the incredible Nutcracher Retreat this weekend, a place where you can put your feet up and enjoy the finest in true country style. Congratulations guys, here is a small preview of your best day! Venue: Nutcracker Country Retreat

We enjoyed a party like few others at the Nutcracker with Ines + Fergus this weekend! Here’s a quick pick from their best day… xxx Venue: Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys | Make-up and hair: Tris Alves Make Up and Beauty | Fire Dancers: Their awesome friends Paul and Estelle

A proper powder paint couple shoot has been on Ines and Fergus’ bucket list for a long time and what better time to fight it out than for their engagement shoot! We had a crazy amount of fun with them and are looking forward to their wedding in two weeks’[…]

Marcel + Izabel’s wedding will always stand out to us as one of the most emotionally charged and heartfelt family unions we’ve ever witnessed… Not only was every detail carefully thought out, but every moment was saturated with love. On this crazy hot summer’s day, a family came together in[…]

What an incredible day! Renardo and Nadine’s wedding on Sunday was one that we will not likely forget… thoughtful and romantic and a huge amount of fun! We can’t wait to share more :) Venue: The Nutcracker Retreat | Look out for some awesome video stuff from Bravo + Thatcher[…]

Above all that these hands complete, let Your love always be Be the prize my heart will seek, beyond the day I die And though these days are numbered young and night takes hold my sight It’s You my heart will choose to love until the end of time –[…]

It’s not everyday that you walk into a wedding and feel like you already know everyone. It’s also not every day that atmosphere is so relaxed that it’s hard to believe a wedding is even going to take place! That being said, there was certainly no shortage of love, tears,[…]

We got to enjoy Isabel and Marcel’s, not small, but certainly intimate wedding with them last Saturday and were wowed by the closeness of their family and friends. What a privilege to witness the deep and rooted love they have for each other… Look out for more of their wedding[…]

When two sweethearts and best friends like Claudette + Marno get married, the world stands still for a moment and the air becomes rich with energy. We felt completely at home as we started taking everything in and marveled at the amount of detail and effort this creative couple poured[…]

Ilze and Louis celebrated their nuptials with a day wedding at The Nutcracker this past weekend. A beautiful and hot day filled with happiness, love and glory to God! Yes, this was awesome… We’re really looking forward to sharing more of their images xxx   Venue: The Nutcracker Wedding Venue,[…]