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These two incredible people really made us the happiest photographers and spending this short time with them was pretty awesome. It was a very hot day at the yacht club in Deneysville and after escaping the sun for a moment, the wind came up as if on queue and turned[…]

All these things are ever lost Stillness has brought my love to cost – James Vincent Mcmorrow, From the Woods

We met little Aiden for the first time a couple of weeks ago and today we did their newborn shoot… The tiniest little boy with the two proudest parents. The journey our two friends have been on to get to this place today are an incredible, sometimes heart breaking, but[…]

We’ve run into Chris + Odette several times over the past year since shooting their awesome wedding outside the quirky Free State town of Parys. They are still two of the kindest, most down to earth people we know and we were so excited to hear that they were expecting![…]

Janu and Bianca’s wedding day has finally arrived and we are looking forward to a very interesting weekend at their custom-built beach wedding right on the Vaaldam! But first here is their fun engagement shoot in Deneysville, my own home town :) We spent the greater part of the afternoon[…]

We met up with Sandra and Shayne at Smilin’ Thru Resort outside Parys where they sometimes spend a day or two fishing and relaxing. The day was blistering hot and we were just a little envious of the two of them blissfully swinging away under the shade in their camping[…]

Much has changed for us in 2012. I started doing photography while I studied visual art and although I enjoy every minute of it, I thought this year would see me return to doing oil painting and illustration, something I’ve done my entire life. God clearly had other plans for[…]

Just a few of my personal favourites…. Thank you  Kayla and Zander Sasolburg High matric farewell 2012

I am so happy that we get to do more engagement shoots! :) We might not have the greatest selection of shooting locations in the Vaal, but we do have Parys. An artsy little town right on the Vaal river, where putting a time limit on a shoot is not[…]