After a busy day in Cape Town with Andrea and little Liam, we arrived at Marita and Francois’s porch just in time to put some wood on the fire for a braai. Marita and I were big tjommies in high school and since we now only get to see each[…]

Our best friends moved to Cape Town little over a year ago to the beautiful Hout Bay. We spent the next few days with them relaxing and falling in love with their ever-so-fast-growing little boy, Liam. On the first day we took a drive down to the popular Mariner’s Wharf,[…]

Wishing we could stay in Knysna longer, we packed up and hit the N2 towards Cape Town early last Tuesday morning. It was cloudy and rainy for most of the day, which made traveling easy, and really brought out the colours of the landscape especially around Swellendam. From an area[…]

Sean and I normally don’t have a hot breakfast, in fact on more than one occasion we’ve had cereal for two meals of the day, simply because we like it so much… We wanted to make something more special of it, so bacon and eggs it was!!! Maybe we should[…]

There was nothing like breakfast on the deck of our beautiful Thesen Island temporary home. The sun warmed the apartment as large dew drops formed on the balcony railing. Not a cloud in sight. We took a drive down to Kranshoek to see the view and walk one of the[…]

Our stay in the small town of Boknesstrand was just a stop over. We were back on the road early the following morning, eager to get to our next destination, Knysna, but not before making a quick stop at the beach. This was especially refreshing after the marathon drive the[…]

After only a  couple of hours of sleep we got up early to hit the road towards the small town of Boknesstrand (outside of Port Alfred), traveling south on the N2 past Port Shepston. I took a snooze in the back of the car and woke up a few km[…]

Whenever we get the chance, we visit Sean’s family in Durban and Scottburgh. The weather is always warm and the humidity is strangely and ironically refreshing compared to Gauteng’s dry heat and cold winters. We have a travel schedule to keep, so we could only spend a few days in[…]

We arrived in Nelspruit in the early evening after our Witklip dam cycle on Thursday and it wasn’t long before Sean and Stefan headed over to Benjamin Craig, the awesome builder of Craig amps, to go test out some guitar effects pedals and drool over his amazing custom sounds. Sean[…]

For our last day in Sabie, we decided to explore a few waterfalls in the area and to take our time heading down to Nelspruit for the weekend. Macmac falls are beautiful, but in order to get a nice picture, I had to clamber up the enormous green fence surrounding[…]