“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao-Tzu The lovely couple, Clair and Gareth, got married in the homely greenhouse of Rosemary Hill. The simple yet beautiful setting seemed to match the relationship of the couple quite well.  Besides the friendship[…]

Rob and Louise are two beautifully creative people, they stand back for nothing and the way they speak of each other interact speak of a deep respect for each other. It was a hot and peaceful day, but a little later on rain clouds covered the sun and a temperamental[…]

From the first day we met Juanita we could recognise a sophisticated strength within her. She carries herself with confidence and grace. On top of that her love for Jac is admirable and beautiful. They lift each other up and inspire one another. Jac is sweet and kind and when[…]

It is hard to describe the talents of these two incredible people, but while words may escape us, it is easy to see how their cups overflow with passion, dedication and love. One of the things that always stand out at a wedding are the speeches at the reception. Hearing[…]

So excited to share a couple of preview images from wordsmith Jaco and his gorgeous and talented bride, Christa’s awesome Rosemary Hill wedding! Two incredible people (: Thanks so much guys, keep an eye out for the full blog post! Tot die bitter einde…. Venue: Rosemary Hill. Pretoria