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Corrie + Dewan | Parys Engagement

It’s a sad thing that we haven’t done a lot more engagement sessions before, simply because it is so much fun! We only recently added them to our wedding collections, and so glad we did. It is a great way for us as the photographers to get to know our couples before the wedding and it simply makes the day so much more relaxed. Besides, who doesn’t love making new friends :)

Corrie & Dewan are one of the most awesome couples we’ve met and although we had the afternoon pretty much planned, we ended up shooting at random venues all over Parys just because we were having such a great time :) They also have a super cool dog which they managed to drag along for part of the shoot and we would have loved to share more images of him if we didn’t already have so many….. eep.

Corrie has a really fantastic laugh and Dewan is very good at getting her to crack up, so we can’t wait to shoot their wedding in two weeks time. We just know it’s going to be the party of the year!


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