Couples, Vaal Triangle

Couple Shoot | Crazy Beautiful | Caleb + Louisa

“When U see me smile or hear me laugh U must know tht da Love of my Life – Caleb Levi Mackay – is present! He’s da smile on my face & da laughter in my voice – a true Joy! I loveS U, my Love. Irrevocably. Foreva.”

Meet our fellow worship band members, Caleb and Louisa! I took some portraits of Louisa and spent a few short minutes afterwards getting a few moments with them just being themselves. Two of the most beautiful and talented people with hearts after God and rich musical souls. I don’t really need to say more…

Love you guys! x

The Crazies_024 2014-05-08_0001Louisa_023  The Crazies_021 The Crazies_028 The Crazies_027The Crazies_023 2014-05-08_00022014-05-08_0005The Crazies_009 The Crazies_0052014-05-08_0003 2014-05-08_0006The Crazies_014

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