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Dale + Aurelia | Parys Engagement

I am so happy that we get to do more engagement shoots! :)

We might not have the greatest selection of shooting locations in the Vaal, but we do have Parys. An artsy little town right on the Vaal river, where putting a time limit on a shoot is not the way to go…
So, in keeping with local tradition, we spent our time walking down the main road, buying ice cream and window shopping and ended off at the river.

“I think Dale and I met in the most cliched way…I was a bridesmaid and he was the best man when his twin brother married my cousin in 2009. We spoke a bit before that but we were quite shy. He asked me to dance with him at the reception, where he proceeded to step on my toes and break the bow off my dress, but we still managed to end up together :)” – Aurelia

After 2 awesome years together, Aurelia and Dale are finally tying the knot in 3 weeks time! They really are ridiculously cute together and we can’t wait for the wedding :)

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