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Devon + Farrah | Drakensberg Wedding | Cathedral Peak

We thought we had a pretty good idea of what to expect with Devon and Farrah’s Drakensberg wedding and very much looked forward to a weekend in the berg, but it was so much better. We arrived at the venue the evening before the wedding after booking into our quaint farmstyle B&B and was welcomed by the most beautiful skies and scenery on our drive up to the hotel. Although having visited the area as youngsters, we fell in love with everything about Cathedral Peak all over again. The people are warm and friendly and Devon and Farrah’s guests even more so. We felt like kids in a candy store… It certainly exceeded out expectations in every way!

Devon and Farrah could not have chosen a better venue and their weekend getaway was rife with action, laughter and romance. We met D+F at the wedding of Devon’s younger brother and his beautiful wife just over a year ago and it was so great to meet their little one! Their own son, Christopher, once again stole the show and we felt at home just like we did before. The rain the morning of the wedding threatened to put their plans of taking a helicopter ride into the mountains on hold, but luckily the skies cleared and we managed to fly out over the gorgeous Drakensberg Mountains for their couple shoot.

What a day…. Thank you so much Devon and Farrah for an unforgettable experience and a wonderful wedding! You guys were such a treat and we find it a privilege to have been a part of your day.

Much love, Ilse and Sean

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Venue: Drakenberg, Cathedral Peak Hotel

Service providers coming soon…

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