Dewan & Corrie | Galagos Wedding

The best way I can think of to tell you about this wedding, is to tell you about what happened behind the scenes. Since meeting Dewan and Corrie, I’ve been looking forward to not only photographing, but witnessing this incredible day… Their engagement shoot was a blast and both of them simply bubbled with love. Sean and I loved every second we got to spend with them! So I was completely surprised when I started suffering from severe anxiety attacks (I didn’t know what it was at the time) a week before their wedding and actually became quite sick. I never slept the night before and found myself nauseous, riddled with cramps, faint and absolutely exhausted even as we parked at the venue and started taking photos. Every few minutes I had to sit down, but would immediately become dizzy, so I had to get up again… I was so scared I wasn’t going to be able to do this….

So this is how I know how much God loves Corrie: The girls arrived a few hours late due to bad traffic and didn’t have much time to get ready. At first this only added to my fears, but when I saw her face and she smiled at me excitedly… everything was suddenly gone. I never once that day ran out of energy or felt ill, although I still couldn’t eat much, which made me sad because their food was so good! I knew our heavenly dad wasn’t going to let anything rob them of their joy. It ended up being one of the greatest weddings ever!! In fact, Sean and I were so tired that night after such an amazing day, that we wished we actually booked an overnight room so that we could stay even longer, instead of facing an hour and a half’s drive to my sister’s house, simply to have Corrie’s beautiful mom put a set of keys in our hands from a couple that had decided not to stay over. For free. Amazing :)

I’m not sure what else to say… So much more happened that day that I will keep being grateful for, including my brand new 24-70mm lens being delivered right to the venue, just in time for the family portraits. What I can say is that we really love and care for these two, they are honest and joyful and real. Their family and friends made us feel so warm and welcome, for that night we were simply a part of the family… Everything about this wedding was so incredibly special, so without going on for any longer, we hope you enjoy their pics :)

Corrie, you are an inspiration and you too Dewan, you lucky dog ;).
Thank you guys, from the bottom of our hearts!  xxx
Sean and Ils

Dress: Werner, Parys * details to follow
Venue: Galagos Estate, Pretoria

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