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Evergreen Estate Wedding | Piet Retief | Francois + Melissa

Driving up to Piet Retief for Melissa and Francois’ wedding had us excited on another level… We weren’t sure what to expect from the venue, but having met this family before, couldn’t wait to see them again! It has always been important for Melissa to have her boys grow up in an environment of love, acceptance and strong values and she wanted this day to be remembered as true and honest, not only to herself and Francois, but to her sons. Driving into the mountain range, the views just got better and better and we felt like children in a candy store! Over hills and mountains, we have arrived.

With a tired clutch and being intimidatingly surrounded by nothing but 4×4’s and off-roaders, our little car kept strong over the weekend and ensured that we got where we needed to be; making memories for the most wonderful, down-to-earth and special people!


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Our wedding day was everything we ever wanted – a big gathering of family and friends to celebrate the union of two people. We’ve been friends for 23 years and were in fact each others’ first kiss. . . Life happened in between and we finally completed our circle on 26 March 2016. The children had a blast over the weekend, good friends were made and we wouldn’t change a thing – not even one of the mistakes or things that didn’t go according to plan. . .thanks to a spectacular hubby and wife team, Sean and Ilse for capturing not just our joyous day, but creating images that tell our story better than words could ever!

  • Venue: Evergreen Estate, Mpumalanga
  • Wedding Planner: Sonja du Toit (family friend)
  • Catering: Linda van der Linde and Wian Nel (082 351 5502)
  • Flowers: Sonja du Toit
  • Stationary: MJ Prinsloo Design, (084 627 4738), https://mobile.facebook.com/pg/MJPRINSLOODESIGN
  • Bride’s Dress: My dearest mom made changes to a store bought dress to make it absolutely perfect
  • Bridal accessories: bracelet was given as a gift to me by my husband on our wedding day as a surprise
  • Bridesmaids dresses: Poetry
  • Hair: Joni McDonald – Hip4Hair (076 639 3936)
  • Makeup: Magda Barnard – Beauté Sens (082 700 0407)
  • DJ: Andries Potgieter
  • Cake: Linda van der Linde and Wian Nel (082 351 5502)

Special thanks to:

Gert and Charleen Putter for everything they did – the laser cutting of the butterflies, the printing and everything they helped with and did with so much love!

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