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Franco + Juan-Ri | Isiphiwo Lodge

It started raining at some point during Franco and Juan-Ri’s wedding, not softly either. As the rain came down and as cameramen and staff scattered all over, Franco stood silently by himself on the porch. It was an emotional day for everyone, one that they have waited for for a long time and he wanted nothing more than the perfect day for his sweetheart. Franco and Juan-Ri met in high school and have been together ever since. She saw him through his sports career from a young age and till this day, she is still his biggest supporter. In the bridal room, the girls were excited and laughing and there was a light hearted energy in the air. Juan-Ri spent a few quiet moments alone with her mom while she was getting dressed and for me it was so special to witness a small part of the incredible bond they share.

What we loved most about this wedding was being invited into the intimate lives of two families and after all the time we have spent with them leading up to the day, it was easy to cry right alongside everyone else when they finally said their vows!

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Venue: Isiphiwo Lodge, Pretoria
Cake: Divine Delights
Bride’s Dress: Dennis Llyod Design
Groom’s Suit: Diaan Daniëls

Pop over to Bravo & Thather’s site for their wedding highlights video:

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