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Let’s talk party!

Before every wedding we send a comprehensive questionnaire to our clients. In this questionnaire, one of the questions we ask is “How would you want to remember your wedding day?”. Most of our clients want to remember their day as a love-filled and happy celebration, one where their best people hang together, let loose and have a great time. Not only do we love capturing happy guests, but bor us a big part of the fun is staying on for the party! By this time people have loosened up and the opportunity for crazy and wild images just get better!

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If these kinds of late night moments are important to you, keep some of the following pointers in mind:

  • If your photographer(s) don’t already have this included in the package, consider adding a couple of hours to your collection. Personally, we love shooting this time of the night and most of our packages already have it covered.
  • Invite that one crazy guy that knows how to get everyone going! He may be a little mad, but there will never be a dull moment on the dance floor!
  • Hire a great DJ! We cannot stress the importance of a DJ that can read the crowd enough… Don’t be too strict with your playlist either, a DJ worth his buck will know how to fill the dance floor using the kind of music that will get your unique crowd going.
  • Create a great atmosphere with some mood lighting and make sure your dance floor is big enough… but not too big ;) Cozy spaces bring people together too!
  • Fill up the dance floor with the occasional activity or tradition, a well timed and fun group shot on the dance floor is also a great way to get people partying again!
  • A few props or party favours doesn’t hurt!
  • Serve dessert a little later in the evening after the dancing has started, this will keep more people around and no one will feel too bloated to dance right after a large meal. A late night event or boma retreat also helps to keep people around for longer.
  • Don’t be shy when your photographer comes around! You and your friends can use these opportunities to pull out your best moves and make some good memories!!
  • Consider making use of a shuttle service to get your guests safely back to their hotel or guest house.
  • For a moment, sit back with your partner and watch your guests have a great time. Perhaps go for a walk or escape to a quiet place. Your wedding happens only once!
  • Dance, be happy and enjoy your own wedding!

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For Photographers:

  • My personal favorite lens to use for the dance floor is the 16mm f2.8 fisheye lens, the same one I use for underwater work. I slap on my SB910 flash, point it straight at unsuspecting dancers and set a low ISO. My shutter speed is slow, typically between 2 sec and 1/4 sec with a high aperture of f11 – f16. This allows me to get close and, depending on the light, create some awesome light trails. It’s also perfect for some crazy group shots, no matter how big the group! Of course any wide lens will work great, but I love the light fall-off as well as the overall look the fisheye gives us.
  • Keep your eyes open, get close, get high and low… There’s always good stuff happening on the dance floor!
  • Have fun, but hold on to your gear tightly, there’s some funky nuts out there too ;)

gingerale wedding party shots_051 gingerale wedding party shots_046gingerale wedding party shots_047gingerale wedding party shots_019 gingerale wedding party shots_018gingerale wedding party shots_048gingerale wedding party shots_011gingerale wedding party shots_037gingerale wedding party shots_030gingerale wedding party shots_045gingerale wedding party shots_041gingerale wedding party shots_013gingerale wedding party shots_021 gingerale wedding party shots_033The Venue Weddinggingerale wedding party shots_049 gingerale wedding party shots_026 gingerale wedding party shots_025gingerale wedding party shots_028 gingerale wedding party shots_029gingerale wedding party shots_015gingerale wedding party shots_043 gingerale wedding party shots_044gingerale wedding party shots_050gingerale wedding party shots_017gingerale wedding party shots_039gingerale wedding party shots_014gingerale wedding party shots_003gingerale wedding party shots_034 gingerale wedding party shots_005gingerale wedding party shots_036gingerale wedding party shots_038

Big thanks to all our wonderful clients!!



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