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Henk + Cezanne | Nutcracker Wedding

We first met Henk and Cezanne at Reefsteamers in Johannesburg for their engagement shoot many months ago. Still an all-time favourite, the mood and light fit their personalities perfectly. Have a look at their shoot HERE.

On the morning of their wedding at the popular Nutcracker Country Estate, there was not a cloud in the sky. Blankets and pillows were scattered across the lawn, the dogs were seeking out shade and we knew the day was simply going to be beautiful. Beautiful, with an unexpected shower just as Henk and Cezanne made their exit from the airy chapel. Thinking everyone was going to make a b-line for the reception hall, we were hardly surpised that the guests much preferred the cooling rain and delicious spread outside! Our gorgeous couple certainly had a lively bunch of friends and family! They also made sure to fill the dance floor with some crazy moves right through the evening!

We really love that Henk and Cezanne know exactly how to keep things real and loved that they thought about all the little things that makes a wedding special. They are so loving and kind and it was great to see how involved everyone was in making their day special. Cezanne’s talented mom made her stunning dress, her lovely sister and one of her closest friends were responsible for organising and planning their perfect day and non other than Henk’s dad married the two of them. They really are a close family with big hearts. Guys, we are so happy to have been a part of you best day and we wish you guys a lifetime of happiness together, you so deserve it!

All our love, Sean and Ilse, GingerAle

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Venue and Catering: Nutcracker Country Estate, Parys

Dress: Magda Gentle (thanks Mom for my perfect dress!)
Bridesmaid dress: Magda Gentle
Hair: Zana & Amorie, Twin Lifestyle
Makeup: Zana & Amorie, Twin Lifestyle
Flowers: Natasha & Venessa, Calenesta
Décor: Magda Gentle, Natasha & Venessa, Calenesta
DJ: Tyron, Muziekthreads

Thanks to everyone who made our day so special! Especially my mom, dad and sister for all their hard work and for making everything so easy for me, my new family for all their support and help and my friend Nelda for running around on the day to help wherever she could.


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