Henslee + Antholique | Charlani Vi

Things don’t always go according to plan and events don’t always run on schedule. It is during times like this, that love will surely overcome all. A big and stressful event like a wedding can easily put the best of us on edge, but this family pulled together, kept calm and kept going. So what if everything is not exactly on time, or a few bridesmaids are missing or the photo venue is unexpectedly closed…
Love will surely overcome all. 

Henslee and Antholique are sincere and real, I loved working with them! Antholique has a beautiful humility about her and I saw the same character in her two lovely parents. I was touched by Henslee’s love for his family, and having lost his father, I could see how his mother has taken a very special part in his heart. I truly wish the best for these two people and their little girl.

Venue: Charlani Vi, Duncanville

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