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Hubert + Clodette | Farmstyle Wedding | Sebaka Rata

We love these people. Hubert and Clodette.

It is sometimes hard to describe how we feel when sharing days like this with couples, days full of intimacy, love, tenderness, laughter and joy. We feel connected to their own experiences in a unique way and feel part of every little detail and moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

Hubert and Clodette are so incredibly in love. They take absolute pleasure in each other and it is evident in everything they do. We loved their beautiful farm styled wedding at Sebaka Rata, with their ceremony in the middle of a large field and a spit sizzling away in the background. The day was filled with gentle prayers, sentimental gestures, wonderful skies and of course a very appropriate Leeuloop performance by the man of the hour himself!

Thanks for having us be a part of your best day Hubert and Clodette! We hope that you remember every last moment of this amazing day with your friends and family and that you never forget what made this day so special.

All our love,
Ilse and Sean, GingerAle

Venue: Sebaka Rata, Parys, Free State
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