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Janu + Bianca | Nautical Wedding | Deneysville Aquatic Club

It is difficult to know where to begin the story of Janu and Bianca’s wedding… Being ready for whatever gets thrown at us is what we’re all about and it was certainly a test of patience, creativity and love for everyone involved on this day.
J+B (we know, they love that too…) did all their preparations for a unique inland beach wedding on the banks of the vaaldam. They cleaned up an opening in a bluegum forest in a quiet cove on their family’s farm and planned to exchange vows in a romantic custom-built beach setting and to dance the night away under the stars. Cables were laid all the way to the water front and everything was in place for their fairy tale wedding when the skies opened and started pouring buckets of rain down. 
The day before the wedding, the decor trucks had arrived and had to wait on the side of the road, waiting for the call to possibly drop off at a different venue. A hard decision was made and the wedding was finally moved to Deneysville Aquatic Club the afternoon before the wedding. 
When the phone rang later that day, Sean and I already knew we weren’t going to be able to shoot the wedding in the sandy woods anymore… We were sad and concerned for Bianca, but she is such a star! We were also very excited to hear they moved it to D.A.C, a place that I was all too familiar with. I spent many of my childhood days playing in between the boats and climbing the cliffs at this yacht club. It is right across the water from where I grew up, so we would often take a dingy to go visit it.
Fiona and Peter from Studio M Weddings pulled off the impossible and created a beautiful and creative environment with what they had and managed to turn the day into a crazy, memorable and exciting wedding, cuts and bruises and fixing-and pinning-the-wedding-dress included! The reception hall was a little small, so Bianca decided to have her dress pinned up to stop it from being stepped on continuously, especially by poor Janu… 
The nautical theme was so beautifully echoed by the yachts, decor, artwork and nautical flags that was already part of the club and we just loved the fish, calamari and chips dinner!! It felt like it was planned this way from the start and ended up being one heck of a party!
Janu + Bianca, you guys have a beautiful and exciting family! It was so amazing to share in your passion and dedication to your children and to each other. We wish you only the best and thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding day!

Venue: D.A.C, Deneysville Aquatic Club, Vaaldam
Wedding Coordinator + decor: Fiona + Peter, Studio M Weddings
Catering: The Catering Crew
Cake: Cakes by Charne
Hair: Danny, Brainwaves
Make-up: Kollie van Tonder
DJ: Warren Pelser, Skye Music

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