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Morrells Boutique Estate | Rainy Wedding | Keren + Julian

We arrived at Morrells Boutique Venue with buckets of rain pouring down. It felt like a quaint town in the middle on France and everything was rich with life and colour. Choosing a venue with such a European style seems like a logical step in Keren and Julian’s life journey – from meeting in South Africa to traveling to New York and then falling in love in London only to return back to South Africa to get married! With their wild hearts, the rain seemed to bring a new kind of romance and excitement to their day as it forced everyone together in a warm and cozy huddle after they exited the chapel.

These two camera-shy lovers completely won us over with their enthusiasm and humour and we enjoyed a late and exciting night with them and their friends on a tiny but packed dance floor.

Such is love. Such is life!


  • Venue: Morrells (
  • Wedding Planner: Alicia De Greef (
  • Catering: Morrells
  • Flowers: Morrells
  • Stationary: Keren
  • Bride’s Dress: Leanne Dogon Designs (
  • Bridesmaids dresses: Leanne Dogon Designs (
  • Bridesmaid’s accessories: Earrings from a market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
  • Groom’s outfit: Calvin Klein
  • Hair: Shakeela Dawood (082 519 4342)
  • Makeup: Candi Makeup (Jinty did mine) ( (
  • Décor: Morrells
  • DJ: ThatManChad ( (
  • Cake: Moemas (Danielle) ( ) (

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