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Nutcracker Wedding | Louis + Ilze

Above all that these hands complete, let Your love always be
Be the prize my heart will seek, beyond the day I die
And though these days are numbered young and night takes hold my sight
It’s You my heart will choose to love until the end of time
– Hunter Thompson

Louis and Ilze share passion and comfort, they hold each other safe and speak lovingly and tenderly of each other. They celebrated their day at The Nutcracker wedding venue, a peaceful place tucked away on the river behind Parys’ hills. It was a blistering hot day, but so beautiful. The skies were clear and this incredible God- and love filled family enjoyed every moment together. We’re so happy to share their day with you.

Nutcracker Wedding_002 Nutcracker Wedding_004Nutcracker Wedding_003 Nutcracker Wedding_005 Nutcracker Wedding_006 Nutcracker Wedding_007   Nutcracker Wedding_012Nutcracker Wedding_013 Nutcracker Wedding_017Nutcracker Wedding_014 Nutcracker Wedding_018  Nutcracker Wedding_020Nutcracker Wedding_019 Nutcracker Wedding_021 Nutcracker Wedding_022 Nutcracker Wedding_024 Nutcracker Wedding_025 Nutcracker Wedding_027 Nutcracker Wedding_028 Nutcracker Wedding_029 Nutcracker Wedding_032Nutcracker Wedding_037 Nutcracker Wedding_033 Nutcracker Wedding_034  Nutcracker Wedding_036 Nutcracker Wedding_038 Nutcracker Wedding_035 Nutcracker Wedding_040 Nutcracker Wedding_041 Nutcracker Wedding_042 Nutcracker Wedding_043 Nutcracker Wedding_044Nutcracker Wedding_045  Nutcracker Wedding_047  Nutcracker Wedding_051Nutcracker Wedding_048 Nutcracker Wedding_052 Nutcracker Wedding_053 Nutcracker Wedding_054 Nutcracker Wedding_055   Nutcracker Wedding_059 Nutcracker Wedding_060 Nutcracker Wedding_063 Nutcracker Wedding_064 Nutcracker Wedding_065 Nutcracker Wedding_066 Nutcracker Wedding_067 Nutcracker Wedding_068 Nutcracker Wedding_069  Nutcracker Wedding_071 Nutcracker Wedding_073  Nutcracker Wedding_075 Nutcracker Wedding_076 Nutcracker Wedding_074Nutcracker Wedding_077 Nutcracker Wedding_078 3_113Nutcracker Wedding_080 Nutcracker Wedding_081  Nutcracker Wedding_083Nutcracker Wedding_082  Nutcracker Wedding_085 Nutcracker Wedding_087 Nutcracker Wedding_096Nutcracker Wedding_088 Nutcracker Wedding_089  Nutcracker Wedding_091 Nutcracker Wedding_095 Nutcracker Wedding_104 Nutcracker Wedding_108 Nutcracker Wedding_111 Nutcracker Wedding_105Nutcracker Wedding_106Nutcracker Wedding_112 Nutcracker Wedding_113 Nutcracker Wedding_114  Nutcracker Wedding_115 Nutcracker Wedding_120 Nutcracker Wedding_119 Nutcracker Wedding_121 Nutcracker Wedding_123 Nutcracker Wedding_125 Nutcracker Wedding_131 Nutcracker Wedding_127 Nutcracker Wedding_130 Nutcracker Wedding_132 Nutcracker Wedding_133 Nutcracker Wedding_134 Nutcracker Wedding_135 Nutcracker Wedding_136 Nutcracker Wedding_128Nutcracker Wedding_129Nutcracker Wedding_137 Nutcracker Wedding_138Nutcracker Wedding_117

Venue: Nutcracker Wedding Venue, Parys

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