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Nutcracker Wedding | PS I Love You | Pieter + Samantha

We often get the opportunity to shoot at the impressive Nutcracker Country Retreat outside Parys, but this time was extra special. Samantha is the lovely lady on the other side of the line when chatting with or emailing the Nutcracker and this day she said her own vows to her love-at-first sight hero, Pieter!

The day was clear with a light winter breeze and the pecan nut orchard bare, but dreamy and inviting. Everyone got involved in putting the wedding together with love and sentimental intent. Not only did Sam’s talented mom create her stunning dress but Pieter’s equally gifted mother sculpted the incredibly detailed and realistic looking sugar Proteas and flowers on their wedding cake. Sam’s amazing organization skills clearly came to light on this day. Everyone was completely calm and relaxed and  could simply enjoy the day for what it was. Filled with sas, romance and one very questionable haka, P+S’s day was such a pleasure and we wish them every bit of joy and happiness in the future!

See you guys next time and thank you for the grand privilege of being there for something so special to you….

All our love,

Ilse and Sean, GingerAle

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– Venue: The Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys (083 794 5090)
– Catering: The Nutcracker Country Retreat, Parys
– Corsages & Bouquets: Maison de Fleur, Parys (056 817 6525)
– Bride dress: Mother of the bride, Elize
– Groom’s suit: Designer Guys, Pretoria (Francois 082 789 5633)
– Hair: Hair & Eden, Parys (Christelaine van der Westhuizen, 082 781 6239)
– Make-up: Blush Make-Up Studio, Parys (Louise Lubbe, 082 385 0837)
– Décor: Bride, Samantha
– DJ: Muziekthreads (Tyron, 083 375 1846)
– Cake: Mother of the groom, Annamarie


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