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Riverside Country Estate Wedding | Wesley + Chene

11 Years ago 16 year old Wesley noticed his sweet and beautiful Chene, 14 years old at the time. Their paths crossed at a young age and they have since shared so much together, things that many of us cannot even imagine going through… When Wes was in Matric, he went on a rugby tour to South America, where he was in a terrible accident and was almost left paralyzed. It was only after several weeks that he was stable enough to be flown back to his family in SA. Listening to their story brought tears to our eyes, but seeing them tell it was inspiring and lovely beyond words. For them to celebrate their lives together and commit themselves to a brand new adventure as husband and wife, along with an incredible testimony of healing and love, is the most beautiful thing and we will forever treasure having been a part of it.

They decided to get married at the romantic Riverside Country Estate in Springs, close to Wesley’s home. Chene’s dad walked her down the aisle in the dress her mom made for her and even when wind and rain chased them into the venue, nothing could take away from their dream garden wedding as best friends and soulmates. Digby and the Lullaby, an incredible indie band from Cape Town (see video at the end of the shoot), swept us off our feet and the wedding day was littered with personal touches, including Chene’s dad’s wooden craftsmanship. A unique love story filled with blessings and passion.

Wesley + Chene, all we can say is thank you. You are two people who shine God’s love and have touched us deeply xxxx Sean and Ilse

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We were really moved by the words said at Wesley + Chene’s wedding and how these two are so closely connected. Here is their wedding video:

Venue: Riverside Country Estate | Wedding Planner: Tracy Havinga (venue owner) | Catering: Venue (Chef is Matthew Havinga – Tracy’s husband) | Flowers: Cheryl Coyne (family friend) | Stationery: Bark Innovations (Aston Seiler) | Lemonade stand, wooden table pieces and gorgeous wooden guest pen all made by Chene’s dad | Bride’s Dress:  Linda Swart (Chene’s mom) | Bridal accessories: Lovisa & Zuri | Bridesmaids dresses: Linda Swart (Chene’s mom) | Bridesmaid’s accessories: Forever New | Groom’s outfit: Woolworths | Groom’s accessories: Fossil | Hair: Luminosity (Gwen) | Makeup: Marialda | Décor: All home made  | DJ: Its…Entertainment (Gary) | Cake: Mugg n Bean | Live band, all the way from Cape Town: Digby and the Lullaby, have a listen to their video “Promises”!

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