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SA Road Trip | Day 12 | Transkei

After only a  couple of hours of sleep we got up early to hit the road towards the small town of Boknesstrand (outside of Port Alfred), traveling south on the N2 past Port Shepston. I took a snooze in the back of the car and woke up a few km before Margate, where Sean and I spent our honeymoon just over 11 years ago. We were feeling nostalgic and decided to pop in to see what had become of our B&B at the time. We knew it was demolished several years ago, but we took the time to have breakfast on the rocky beach right in front of what used to be Kenilworth-on-Sea! Here you can see the new complex next to Sean’s right elbow in photo #1.

As we passed Port Edward we realised that we were no longer on the N2, but were in fact travelling on the R61. We missed our turn-off while I was asleep and now had to travel through a different part of Transkei. It turns out that this was the best part of our journey!

We made a few funny observations while traveling through Transkei:

1. The area is breathtakingly beautiful with rolling hills, grassy mountains and horse shoe streams. If you’re a skilled driver, you may even survive long enough to see it…

2. Regular sightings of birds-of-prey will satisfy any bird watcher. Dog lovers however… Er, well.

3. Patient drivers who enjoy the love of the journey and who are not concerned with schedules and arrival times, will enjoy the unexpected opportunities to extend their traveling experience.

4. Restrooms are kept clean, neat and tidy, without the frivolities of toilet paper, soap and running water.

5. The upgrading of roads is a welcome sight, especially since the upgrades avoid deteriorated sections in the urban areas and provide beautiful walkways along the highway in pedestrian free rural areas.

Having said all this, we would love coming back to explore the amazing area!
Safe driving!

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