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SA Road Trip | Day 15 | Knysna

Sean and I normally don’t have a hot breakfast, in fact on more than one occasion we’ve had cereal for two meals of the day, simply because we like it so much… We wanted to make something more special of it, so bacon and eggs it was!!! Maybe we should do this more often…

Now, Knysna and Daleen Matthee go together like eggs and bacon (!), so we left for Reenendal and Millwood in the morning, ready to to do a short and easy stroll through the amazing forest ;)
There is so much history in the area, we really wish we could spend more time learning about it and will simply have to come back for a second round. Even Totties Country Store has been here forever.

When we got back from our hike we soon noticed marks and prints on the windscreen and realised that a troop of baboons had been crawling all over our car, breaking the back windscreen wiper while trying to get in for food. It was only the next day that we noticed that they stripped our roof trimmings and aerial and stole one of the bicycle lights too!

After our hike in the forest with its majestic 40m high trees, we drove up to the Millwood gold mine to see the old mining village… The only evidence of the village is a single photograph of main street… All the buildings were stripped when the miners decided to move on when it became clear that there was not much gold to be mined, and news that the mining in the Witwatersrand was far more lucrative. Their dream of building a new El Dorado was crushed. I layered the photo of the town onto one I took from almost the same angle (which doesn’t quite match), but the simple fact that there was once a bustling mining town right where we were standing was incredible.

When we got back to Knysna, we took a drive up to see a wonderful view of the heads and ended off with a pizza and a couple of macchiatos on the beach.


  1. Annamarie - February 5, 2014 12:10 pm

    The place God visited and never left – thats what i call knysna – beyond words – so glad you are photographers :) thank you for the beautiful images – i need to go back soon!

    • admin - February 5, 2014 11:31 pm

      That is so true, thank you Annamarie! Everything about Knysna and the area is incredible… One of the most inspiring places :)


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