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SA Road Trip | Day 3 | Sabie + Witklip Dam

For our last day in Sabie, we decided to explore a few waterfalls in the area and to take our time heading down to Nelspruit for the weekend. Macmac falls are beautiful, but in order to get a nice picture, I had to clamber up the enormous green fence surrounding the look-out point… It’s great looking at a beautiful sight such as this through think green palisades. Hmmm.

We did however, meet sweet Louisa, one of the local ladies who comes out to the market every day to sell curios. Many of the ladies cover themselves in large pieces of plastic to shelter themselves from the cold wind and rain. It took some convincing to get her to keep it on for the photos :)

Our next stop was Lone Creek Falls, a single stream dropping down into a crystal clear pool, surrounded by what looked like a mossy paradise. In winter the streams in the area are all quite small, but  standing at the bottom of the pool, I still managed to get fairly wet from the intensity of the spray.

What’s better than coffee and warm pancakes for lunch on a chilly winter afternoon? Nothing!

After lunch we headed out towards White River on a slow mountain drive. After a long discussion of whether we love or hate the man-made look of the pine forests covering the area, we came across the Witklip dam turn-off and almost turned back to the main road after about 2km on the muddy dirt road. “Just over the next hill” I said, while Sean tried to navigate the mounds of hardened mud. We eventually drove about 6km into the hills when we found the small sign to turn towards the dam. We didn’t expect Witklip to be so beautiful….

Out came the bikes and we spent the next 2 hours riding along the banks, avoiding baboons and taking photos. Best part of the holiday so far!

We can’t wait for the rest :)

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