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SA Road Trip | Days 20 – 22 | Wine and Song, Cape Town

After a busy day in Cape Town with Andrea and little Liam, we arrived at Marita and Francois’s porch just in time to put some wood on the fire for a braai. Marita and I were big tjommies in high school and since we now only get to see each other once every few years, we wanted to make full use of our visit with them and their incredibly cute twins, Christiaan and Cornelia.

What better way to enjoy the Cape than to drive around the gorgeous wine lands? We started at a few popular places for cheese and wine, pies and munchies, but our favourite was the beautiful and authentic Muratie Wine Estate. The farm dates back to 1685 and offers some excellent wines and ports, some named after interesting characters from yester-year, like “Lady Alice” and “Amber Forever”.

It started raining again by the time we left for The Olive Shed and the DeliCATessen, a beautiful spot with artworks from amazing South African artists all over the gardens! We could fill this blog with all the beautiful pieces, but it will simply take too much space… We would love to shoot a wedding here one day!!!

The kids took full advantage of the playground and ended up soaked, so we had to wrap them up like sausage rolls and carry them around…

Man, I could develop some serious problems if I lived in a place surrounded by places like this. The rain and clouds made all the colours pop and made this day the perfect day for sipping soothing wines and steaming cups of coffee.

Now, have you ever tasted a raw olive….? Sean picked a nice ripe one for me to try after some convincing from the guys. I had no idea………. Luckily I was holding the camera, so no pics!


We took a drive through Stellenbosch to Jonkershoek, where we stopped off at this gem – the Postcard Cafe! The weather was cool and wet and everything was quiet and peaceful. We could not have asked for better. We headed home after a fun and tasty day with a sleepy Cornelia asking her mom, “Can we do it all again tomorrow?”

That night we tucked into a wild South African potjie.

When the twins were still babes, we came down to Melkbos for icecream and although it was a windy and chilly day, we weren’t going to break tradition!

Our last night with the De Kokers was spent walking along the V&A and listening to the best of local blues with the amazing Hellfire Blues Club at The Ferryman’s. Kids were playing air-guitar on the fountains behind us and passers-by danced rhythmically to the tunes of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters etc.

One can never have enough time in CT, who knows what adventures we’ll have here next time.

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  1. Marita - September 3, 2013 8:53 pm

    Verlang ek nou terug na die heerlike kuier


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