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SA Road Trip | Days 4 – 8 | Nelspruit

We arrived in Nelspruit in the early evening after our Witklip dam cycle on Thursday and it wasn’t long before Sean and Stefan headed over to Benjamin Craig, the awesome builder of Craig amps, to go test out some guitar effects pedals and drool over his amazing custom sounds. Sean has been a huge fan of Craig custom boutique amps for a while now and have been showing off his own original “Jericho” at every chance he gets! Gush gush :)

After such a hectic week, we really enjoyed spending some time with friends, listening to the best that 70’s blues have to offer and simply relaxing!

We also managed to stop by at Die Stoep in Neslpruit to enjoy some local talent. It would’ve been great to make it to Innibos, but we missed it by a couple of weeks. Perhaps next year.

It’s hard to believe we are so far into our trip already… On Saturday we set out in search of the “Adam’s calender”, one of the oldest rock formations in the world (dated as older than Stonehenge), and started at Waterval Boven. After what felt like a tour of different religions and beliefs – we counted at least 12 churches and denominations in a town that can’t have a population of much more than a 1000! – we finally found the Stone Circle museum and quickly drove up to one of the stone circles to have a look for ourselves. The locals have some bizarre theories around the creation of the circles, but we experienced some forces of another kind and quickly got out of there…

We took a drive up to the beautiful Kaapsehoop to see the actual calender, but got distracted by the smell of pancakes and sat down to enjoy some of the best savoury treats in the lowveld at the Koek en Pan… While attempting to walk off the best part of lunch we witnessed a fun hatted wedding exit at the local chapel, resisted the urge to photo bomb the formals and then took a slow drive back home for a braai!

Sunday morning we took a second drive up to Kaapsehoop, where the wild horses have been strolling around all weekend, and took a hike down to Batter Creek waterfall. It’s a short hike outside town that leads down the valley though a beautiful forested area right to the rocky falls.

Our last day in Nelspruit was pure bliss, but it was almost time to head off again…

We left the lowveld mid-morning yesterday and slowly made our way past Barberton and Piet Retief down to Durban North, going over mountains and through valleys. The landscape changed every few hundred kilometers and we were finally welcomed by the warm, humid air of the east coast just as the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

We’ve had an interesting start to the Durban leg so far, but more on that later.

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