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SA Road Trip | Days 9 – 11 | Durban

Whenever we get the chance, we visit Sean’s family in Durban and Scottburgh. The weather is always warm and the humidity is strangely and ironically refreshing compared to Gauteng’s dry heat and cold winters. We have a travel schedule to keep, so we could only spend a few days in what seemed like a deliciously cool summer. We’re leaving in a few hours time on a long stretch down to Boknes, but here I am typing away in the early hours of the morning… Being a night owl has its pros and cons..

Anyway, we arrived late last Thursday to a wonderful ostrich stew after an amazing weekend in Nelspruit with our awesome friends. The next morning Sean left to visit his folks in Scotties while I stayed behind to catch up on some work (…I know, I know, I’m trying). About 15 min after he left the landlord came down to find out if Sean took one of the bikes with him. “He must’ve”, I said, but my heart sank when he mentioned that the garage door was wide open… It’s not quite like Sean to do that. Turns out my dad’s beautiful bike got stolen right from under our noses as soon as Sean left. Sigh. While it put quite a damper on the day, we decided that our trip would never be the same without the bikes, so Friday morning we went shopping! Soon we were on our way to explore Durban’s new promonade! Miami in SA, wonderful :)

There’s been so much work done to the beach front and the city is still working hard to upgrade the area in time for the new season. With all the bits and pieces, this new tropical paradise are coming together beautifully and we were happy to hear that locals could still build sand sculptures on the beach if they have a permit. Skateboarders, segways-riders, pigeon-feeders, afternoon-nappers and cocktail-drinkers were flocking to the parks and cafes. Even Sean’s sister joined us for a part of the trip and treated us to a gorgeous bunny-chow! We cycled a total of 13km from beyond the blue lagoon to Ushaka beach front and back again. It’s hard to believe the distance… it felt like 4km.

We spent some time at Sean’s folks today (…or yesterday!) and took a ride down to the quiet beach. The wind was howling and it didn’t take us long to get ourselves back to the flat for a warm mug of coffee… Scottburgh has one of the busiest beaches along the south coast in summer and we have seen the town change over the 12 years that the in-laws have lived here. The cheesy-dog guy is no longer selling, malls have sprung up and the restaurants change almost every year, but the water is still as warm and the fish-and-chips is still as tasty as ever. And winter is still a great time to visit.

The next shot took us over an hour and half to get…. Not because it’s a great or difficult shot, but simply because finding a spot in Durban North with a view of the city was almost impossible! Every small bit of view was covered by high walls, balconies and tall windows. Durbanites appropriate every inch of their properties! I’m sure there could have been a thousand better ways of doing this short of climbing on a spiked and electrified fence or ordering a meal in a fancy restaurant, but the best spot turned out to be about 80m from my sister-in-law’s gate….

I had better hit the sack before we hit the road.
Have a great day peeps!

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