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Stefan + Elzette | Parys Engagement

I’m a bit behind in my blog posts due to our Cape Town holiday, but will hopefully get to post a few more shoots during the next week. So, for my second post this week, I’m pleased to introduce you to this gorgeous and awesome couple, Stefan and Elzette :)

Although both are from Secunda, one a dentist and the other a dietician, they decided on a beautiful Parys wedding at the very popular Nutcracker venue right on the Vaal river. We managed to meet up in Parys one Sunday and lucky for me, my time with them got extended due to some postponed meetings, yay!

These guys were so easy to photograph and because we opted for a such a relaxed shoot, we managed to make a few friends along the way. Thanks guys for going along with me, at least next time you walk around town you’ll find a few familiar faces ;)

Stranger no 1 holding up the frame ;)
The following is a gif file (please be patient while loading)


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