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Stonecellar Wedding | Heidelberg | Jade + Brett

Meeting people like Jade and Brett makes what we do not only creatively fulfilling, but exciting… I will never forget the first meeting we had with these two. They invited us over for coffee at their place and from the moment we walked into the door we felt like comfortable, welcomed and, clichéd as I may sound, like old friends! We met their gorgeous dogs, checked out Brett’s awesome bike and spent a good deal of time chatting and laughing about all kinds of things. In between all of the visiting, I asked them a few questions and something that really stood out was the way Brett spoke about Jade…
He spoke about her in the most admirable and loving way… her love for animals, her giving heart and her complete selflessness. Jade is confident, but humble, and so is Brett. They admire and adore each other, not disregarding each others’ short-comings, but embracing their individualism and spirit.

They got married at the Stone Cellar in Heidelberg on a beautiful day and to the tunes of Dewald Fereirra. This is their wedding story:
Also check out their video at the end of the post…

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Venue: Stonecellar wedding venue, Heidelberg
Mua: Erin Smylie Hair and make up
Live entertainment: Dewald Fereirra

Highlights video:

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