Johannesburg, Summer Place

Summer Place Wedding | Monica + Eddie

Monica is a true romantic, she’s gentle in nature and sweetly sentimental…. Eddie is quiet and natural, yet with the biggest heart filled with the greatest love for his new bride. His pride for her was tangible.

Eddie and Monica decided to celebrate their coming together at the stylish and beautiful Summer Place venue in Johannesburg. Our typical venues include country, farm and rustic styled weddings and the change of scenery was so refreshing, yet foreign. Their two families came together in such a loving way and we could see how close they are with the way the embraced each other, laughed and cried together. They spoke about love, hard times and hilarious moments in their lives and ended the evening setting the dance floor on fire! With such a beautiful setting, decadent food and a desert that could set the best of us back a year in our fitness programs, what more could we ask for!

Thank you Mon + Ed for the chance to immortalize your best day, you guys are awesome and kind of heart and we wish you a wonderful future together!

All our love, Ilse and Sean

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Venue: Summer Place, Johannesburg

Wedding Planner: We are the planners J But Rosemaree Anderson is our coordinator at Summer Place

Catering: Jem Catering, Johan Harley

Flowers: Miguel from Funxion Fusion

Stationary: We did all our stationery with the help of Eddies sister Lee-Ann from America

Bride’s Dress: Pronovias, Sandton City

Bridal accessories: Swarovski Jewellery and Christiaan Michael for shoes

Bridesmaids dresses: Ahmed

Groom’s outfit: Khaliques

Groom’s accessories: Aldo

Hair:  Styles Ahead

Makeup: Kim Roberts from Bellavista Studio

Décor: Miguel from Funxion Fusion

DJ: Havanah Gas

Cake: Kirstyn Royce from Frosty Bakery

Videography: Freeman Productions

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  1. Joan Jansen - December 20, 2014 4:52 pm

    Die huweliks fotos is ongelooflik Ilse Hulle kan opreg lekker voel daarmee . Dit is ‘n sprokiesalbum. Lovies

    Tannie Joan


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