While running their wedding photography business with her husband, Sean, Ilse Moore has been shooting underwater for approximately 4 and a half years now. She has been making a name for herself in the fashion and fine art world and the water has quickly become her second home.

“I love working with fashion editors and designers, but my creative energy is truly released when I get to work with clients who share the same passion as me and recognize the amazing potential for beauty by shooting in such a conceptually rich environment.

From maternity and couple shoots to “drown-the-gown” sessions, the possibility for creating something exceptional and unique is endless.

Regardless of who or what I’m shooting, there remains very little control underwater. I can always expect something magical to happen, not only due to the weightlessness and freedom, but it feels like being in another world where I have my own creative playground. It is very challenging, but I find it extremely exciting at the same time due to the unpredictability. I can manipulate any particular set to achieve what I initially envisioned, but the unplanned visuals that happen under the surface often determine the direction I take the shoot as it constantly changes and forms new meanings. I wouldn’t like to remove this aspect of my shooting, the surprise of the change appeals too much to me.”

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in creating a fine art work of your own or if you have any further enquiries regarding such a session.


Underwater Photography

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